Specialists called to clear out ‘nuisance’ gulls in Aberdeenshire

The people of Stonehaven have raised concerns about nuisance gulls.

Seagull nests and eggs will be removed from rooftops in a town as part of an effort to cut down on the number of gull attacks.

Aberdeenshire Council is arranging for a specialist licensed company to carry out nest and egg removal in Stonehaven.

It comes after a series of complaints about nuisance gulls in the town from visitors, residents and community groups, including the Stonehaven Town Centre Improvement Group.

The local authority already takes action to deal with the birds on its own properties.

But, Aberdeenshire Council’s Kincardine and Mearns area office is now contacting properties that have been identified as possible nesting sites seeking permission to carry out inspections and the work required.

Willie Munro, Kincardine and Mearns area committee manager, said: “The action the council takes at its own properties and public buildings cannot be successful alone in tackling the issue of nuisance gulls – there has to be a concerted and community-based approach over a longer period of time to tackle this problem.

“Every year we get complaints from residents and visitors about gulls in the town centre, in terms of the mess their droppings make, noise, litter strewn from bins, damage to property and vehicles and sometimes even aggressive gulls.”

The pest controllers will visit the town three times in May, June and July as the gulls lay their eggs.

Council officers are working on funding but will seek contributions of £50 from property owners in order that the work can continue in future years.

The council undertook a similar project in Peterhead last year when nests and eggs were removed from rooftops around the town centre.

Almost 500 eggs were taken away, reducing the number of attacks in the town and this is expected to be repeated this year.