Council axing Aberdeen recycling point over eyesore mess left by fly-tippers

Fly-tipping and rubbish at the recycling centre on Greenfern Road. 20/11/17. Picture by KATH FLANNERY

An Aberdeen community is facing being left without a recycling point after repeated fly-tipping forced the council to take action.

The recycling point on Greenfern Road, Mastrick, was set to be removed today after materials were left on the street causing an eyesore.

A spokeswoman for Aberdeen City Council said: “Unfortunately, due to continued fly-tipping and misuse of bins at the recycling site at Greenfern, we will be removing the bins.

“We have been monitoring the area and trying to reduce the problem for several weeks now, but this situation has persisted.

“We apologise for any inconvenience that removing the bins will cause, however, all households in the area now have access to recycling facilities at or near their homes and any excess recycling can be taken to the nearest recycling points at Tesco Lang Stracht or Cornhill Shopping Centre.

“We’d remind people not to fly-tip at recycling sites as this is a criminal offence and creates an unsightly and hazardous mess.”

Councillor Ciaran McRae, who represents the area, said: “It’s not ideal, now people have got to walk further to recycle.

“If we are trying to encourage people to be more proactive, this makes it harder for people to recycle.

“Maybe it could have been moved to a location nearby.”

The move came just weeks after councillors blasted local authority chiefs for errors made when distributing new bins.

Aberdeen City Council had given 70,000 new 180-litre bins to city homes, however, it emerged people living in flats were given the individual bins too.

At a meeting of the communities, housing and infrastructure committee earlier this month, councillors demanded to know how much the blunder would cost the local authority – and were told such information would be difficult to provide.