Could Buttons be cat’s whiskers as Aberdeen university rector?

A group of students has signed a petition calling for a cat to be made one of the rector candidates at an Aberdeen university.

Scholars at the University of Aberdeen hoped the feline, which lives on the university campus, would be able to take over the title of rector.

Those supporting the feline said: “He is apolitical. He is on campus.

“He engages with students. He is fluffy.”

More than 60 students signed a rectorial nomination form last week, which requested that Buttons be able to run as a candidate.

However, the form was rejected as Buttons doesn’t meet the requirements under charity regulator OSCR’s guidelines for being a charity trustee.

More than 300 people have signed an online petition, created by history student Alex Kither, to allow Buttons to run.

Alex, 21 from Hertfordshire, said: “We have decided to open this petition in the hope of getting enough students engaged to prove it is necessary for Buttons to be nominated as a candidate for the sake of student interest, democracy and fluffy feline friendliness. Vote for cats not bureaucrats.

“We realised that when the election campaign came around the first time, a lot of people didn’t know what a rector was or what a rector does. It shows that we need to bridge a gap between the student body and the rector.

“Students need to know where they can go and reach the rector and have their voices heard.”

King’s College

However, the appeal was rejected by the university’s election committee.

The previous election was suspended following “irregularities” in the campaigning process.

Candidates for the upcoming elections have been announced as Maggie Chapman, Angus Hepburn, Fiona Kennedy, Israrullah Khan and James Steel.

Despite Buttons’ rejection, the students remain optimistic.

Alex added: “We want people to e-mail the electoral committee directly and say that they support Buttons.

“That way the electoral committee has to acknowledge Buttons as a candidate or even give him an honorary role to acknowledge that this is what the students want.”

The election will take place between next Tuesday and next Thursday.