Controversial housing plan lodged for Aberdeenshire village

Plans have been lodged for a controversial housing development in a North-east village.

Barratt North Scotland and Polmuir Properties Limited want to build 131 units on land to the south of Park Place in Newtonhill.

The development would consist of eight cottage flats, 30 semi-detached, 22 terraced and 71 detached homes.

Residents were left outraged last year when a proposal of application notice was submitted.

They claimed the land had been gifted to the community and should not have been sold.

Aberdeenshire Council, who sold the land, dismissed the claim saying the land was not the community’s but was bought by the former Kincardine and Deeside District Council in 1991.

Around 30 letters of objection have now been submitted to Aberdeenshire Council about the plans.

In a letter to the local authority, resident Robert Peaker said: “The site proposed to be built on is the final part of the moor where gorse provides protected habitats for many birds, spiders, wildflowers and much more.

“It is a resource used by dog owners and by locals. It’s a great environmental asset.

“The area would be greatly missed and should not be thrown lightly to one side.”

Pamela Munro said: “Can I ask why this development is even being considered when there is already a development of a new town just across the dual carriageway?”

Louise McIntosh said: “There is a considerable lack of green space in the village as it is, resulting in less play areas for children and less for dog walkers. The streets are already littered with dog mess as it is.”

A planning statement from the developers to the local authority states: “We have provided 40% public open space throughout the development.

“It also provides and enhances the natural landscape along the southern and eastern boundaries to provide a buffer to the adjacent railway line as per the masterplan document.”