Contractors set to start work to find solution for landslip-hit road

The site of the landslip at Gardenstown.

Contractors were due to move on site today to find a solution to a problem preventing North-east residents accessing their homes by road.

A landslide in Gardenstown on November 28 blocked the B9123 Harbour Road and Aberdeenshire Council bosses are concerned there could be further landslides.

This 360 image shows the area of Gardenstown affected by the recent land slip. Read the full story here –

Posted by Evening Express on Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The road is currently closed and residents can only access their homes on foot, except for occasional supervised road openings.

Now, the council has appointed a contractor to find a long-term solution so the road can fully reopen safely.

The contractor yesterday moved equipment onto the road and a meeting was due to take place on site today.

Tomorrow, engineers will begin drilling boreholes to assess ground conditions and it will take up to four weeks to finish their work.

Work set to start to find solution for North-east village hit by landslide

The council’s head of roads Philip McKay said: “It is extremely unfortunate the road layout in Gardenstown means closure of Harbour Road at this location prevents all vehicular access to the New Ground, the harbour area and Seatown.

“The closure is certainly causing considerable disruption for those living and working below the road closure.

“However, the slip is deep and extensive and unfortunately there is no quick or easy solution to a landslip like this.”

Mr McKay described the landslip as “the most complex we have had to deal with” and added: “The inform-ation we gather from this work will be essential as we work towards a permanent solution.

“Unfortunately, these works will be disruptive and I hope residents will bear with us and appreciate that it is a vital part of moving us forward.

“I fully appreciate the situation is frustrating for those affected and I sympathise with the predicament they find themselves in through no fault of their own.

“At this stage we cannot open the road on an unrestricted basis as we cannot guarantee public safety.”