Concerns route changes have made Aberdeen bus service unreliable

Aberdeen residents have raised concerns about a bus service – only a month after the route was changed.

Plans to change a number of First Bus services across the city were approved last month, including an extension to the number 20 to incorporate Torry into its route, replacing some of the service lost by the withdrawal of the number 5.

Other alterations included an additional journey added in the morning for the number 17.

The changes, which were implemented by the company on August 20, have been criticised by residents at Old Aberdeen Community Council, who say the route has become increasingly unreliable and echoes problems of the past when the route of the number 20 previously went to Torry.

Chairman of the community council Gordon Mutch said: “We did point out there had been problems in the past and it hadn’t worked. They’re still evaluating.”

He felt there was “a fair chance” the route would revert to running from Old Aberdeen to the city centre.

He added: “If there is a poor service, the only way we can make any difference to that is by making our feelings known.

“I think they are willing to listen in on this and it’s just a pity it’s had to happen again.”

The number 20 route runs from Hillhead of Seaton to Balnagask through the city centre, where it used to end before the route changed.

At the meeting, a resident said: “Quite a high number in this area don’t have cars and rely on the bus.

“The bus has become increasingly unreliable and it can be a long wait as you have no idea when the bus is coming any more.

“There’s not even a timetable. People are asking me if the 20 even stops here and I’m saying I think so, it did yesterday.”

Mr Mutch said: “I do think we are going to get what we want on this but we need to let First Bus know. We need to do it as a community and as individuals.”

A spokeswoman for First Bus said: “We are currently reviewing this service over the coming weeks and will advise of any changes for customers as soon as possible.”