Community calls on council to repair headstones at Aberdeen cathedral

An Aberdeen community has called for headstones in a graveyard to be given extra attention by the council.

In a monthly meeting of Old Aberdeen Community Council, it was discussed that some headstones at St Machar’s Cathedral were in need of repair, and had been for some time.

Some of the stones are cracked and have reportedly been in that condition for two years.

As it’s such a historic site, the residents of the area hope money can be spent on the renovation of the stones more often.

Gordon Mutch, chairman of Old Aberdeen Community Council, said: “There’s been some work done by the council in regards to the gravestones.

“I think it’s fair to say that given the age of some of the stones it’s something that needs to be done, there needs to be money in the budget a bit more often.”

An Aberdeen City Council spokesman said: “Specialist officers carried out a full inspection of the churchyard over the summer and noted very few broken or laid-flat headstones.

“It should be noted that these headstones are private and not owned by the council.

“Although we are inspecting all headstones in our cemeteries this is primarily to ensure they are safe.

“This is an important and well-visited churchyard with a great deal of heritage value, therefore most of the headstones here will be re-erected.

“The council has a repair and stabilisation budget and this is being used to carry out work – but this budget does not allow for all headstones to be re-erected.”