Shock after ball booted off Aberdeen football pitch washes up 1,100 miles away in Norway

An Aberdeen football club have been left shocked after discovering a ball booted off their pitch in Aberdeen ended up 1,100 miles away – on a small island off Norway!

The ball is one of the many that tend to disappear over the fence at Banks o’ Dee’s ground into the River Dee during games and training sessions.

It’s thought the ball was then swept down the river and made its mammoth journey across the North Sea, around the northern coast of Norway, to Vanna, a small rocky island in the municipality of Karlsoy, in Troms county.

Dee secretary Tommy Ewan admitted he was stunned to receive an e-mail from Norwegian Johnny Mikalsen, containing a picture of the ball, informing them it had been found on a beach in Vanna.

Johnny, whose friend Nils Hugo Andersen found the ball, wrote: “You properly have one of the best long-distance kickers in the world because a friend of mine found a football with your club name on by the seaside.

“It has travelled quite a distance.

“We are located 1,800km north of Aberdeen, on a island called Vanna (70°North ) 10km north of Tromso, the capital of North Norway. The football is just a little bit dirty after such a long distance, but fully useable.”

Banks o’ Dee’s Billy Forbes and Tommy Ewan.
Banks o’ Dee’s Billy Forbes and Tommy Ewan.

Tommy said: “It was a very pleasant surprise.

“We lose a lot of footballs into the river and tend to never see them again.

“Billy Forbes, one of our committee members, used to go into the river to try to rescue them.

“But the embankment down to it is a bit too dangerous now so we’ve had to rein him in a bit.

“Billy was certainly chuffed to find out one had made it all the way to Norway.”

Although Banks o’ Dee toured Norway in 1920, they are sure it wasn’t left behind, because footballs in those days had laces.

Dee are hoping to now get the ball back and put it on display at their ground Spain Park.

“We are also looking to see if the man who found it wants to come over and be a guest at one of our matches,” said Tommy.

“It’s a nice tale and it would be good if it helped us pick up a few new fans over in Norway.”

Tommy added Norwegians should keep an eye out because they lost another ball in the Dee last Saturday.