Chimes of Aberdeen university’s historic clock to ring out again

Work is under way to restore a historic clock tower, whose chime has not been heard for years.

The ringing of the clock on the University of Aberdeen’s King’s College was turned off after the university said it had become too unreliable.

The chimes were sounding at irregular intervals, so it was decided they should be shut down.

But a campaign by Old Aberdeen residents to have the timeless piece of history restored to full working order has now proved successful.

Since the university confirmed last week that it had ordered new parts for the clock, workmen have been on site carrying out the repairs to bring the old timepiece back into full working order.

A University of Aberdeen spokeswoman said: “A specialist clock engineer has repaired the clock in King’s College Chapel which involved the replacement of parts and a thorough clean of the mechanism.

“There was a further issue discovered at the site and the chimes have currently been removed to be looked at by the specialist clock engineer.

“We hope the return of the clock’s chimes will be welcomed by students and the local community alike.”

Gordon Mutch, chairman of the Old Aberdeen Community Council, said the community would be happy to know work was under way.

He said: “It’s part of the heritage of the place.

“You’re taking something away if you don’t keep these things going.

“We’ve got some people in our community council who live directly opposite and they will be delighted to hear this. We’re very pleased.”

Mr Mutch also thanked the university for listening to their request and getting the work done.

He said: “It’s good that they’ve found the money to do this.”

A spokesman for Aberdeen University Student Association said: “As a student community we would welcome the return of such a historic clock that’s central to our campus.

“We’re delighted the restoration of the university’s iconic clock is currently under way.”