Celebrity chef Nick Nairn opens up about Aberdeen street attack

Celebrity chef Nick Nairn was attacked in Aberdeen.

Celebrity chef Nick Nairn has reflected on being attacked in Aberdeen and says he feels lucky the outcome was not worse.

The star was knocked to the ground on Union Row by oil worker Scott Smith, 35, as he walked back to his hotel from his Aberdeen cooking school on December 22.

At Aberdeen Sheriff Court Smith was fined £900.

Speaking to Scottish Field magazine, Nick said: “I was recently assaulted in the street. It was really unpleasant and it’s very, very dangerous to be punched. There’s a campaign that began recently called ‘One punch can kill’.

“Quite often what happens is one punch will knock someone out, they fall over and hit their head, and it’s curtains. When I got over the whole thing I realised I was very lucky and it could have been a lot worse.

“Recent changes in my life have altered a lot of my perceptions and given me a renewed lease of life.”

He added: “My latest acquisition is my motor home. It’s been a bit of a game-changer for me.”