Scottish Prison Service told to apologise after after theft from prisoner’s cell

A watchdog has probed the blunder at HMP Grampian
A watchdog has probed the blunder at HMP Grampian

A prison officer accidentally left a cell door open at a north-east super jail – only for a criminal’s belongings to go missing.

And when the inmate asked the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) to look into what happened, it failed to investigate robustly or give him a clear offer of compensation.

A watchdog has probed the blunder at HMP Grampian in Peterhead and recommended the SPS apologises to the unnamed prisoner.

A new report said: “The prisoner’s property went missing and SPS acknowledged the door to his cell was left open accidentally by one of their officers.

“We found the SPS had carried out investigations into what happened to the prisoner’s property and offered compensation.

“However, we noted there were gaps in the investigation and the offers of compensation did not clearly state what they were for or why some items were not being compensated.

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“We asked SPS to apologise to the prisoner for failing to carry out a robust investigation into his report of lost property and to reconsider the prisoner’s compensation claim, taking into account the failings identified.

“SPS should ensure investigations are robust and reasoning for compensation claims are clear.”

An SPS spokesman said: “We note the SPSO findings and will consider any recommendations.”