Stolen piggy bank returned to Aberdeen cafe

The Tartan Pig
The Tartan Pig

The mystery of a missing piggy bank has been solved thanks to an eagle-eyed woman.

The owner and employees of the Tartan Pig cafe bistro, on the Hardgate, were left scratching their heads after it was targeted by thieves who took their tips and the iconic mascot which they were stored in.

The Tartan Pig

Staff feared they would never see the piggy bank, named Mr Piggy, again – until a neighbour discovered it in her garden at the weekend.

Owner Greig Bain said: “Over the weekend a woman across the road, in Bethany Gardens, found it in her brown bin.

“She brought it in on Sunday and the staff are all very happy to have him back.

“It was all we wanted – Mr Piggy is the most important part of the shop. He’s one of the first things you see when you walk up to the counter.

“Whoever did this, it’s clear they got far enough away before throwing him in the nearest bin – taking all the money.”

The find comes after Mr Bain was awoken by police in the middle of the night, who told him the eatery had been targeted a little before midnight on Thursday.

CCTV footage showed the thief running into the cafe and snatching the jar, which had £60 of tips from generous customers, off the counter.

He said: “The staff are chuffed to have Mr Piggy back and we can get him back and collecting tips – making sure he’s full.

“We gave him a wash this morning before putting him back in the cafe. He has a little chip in his ear – overall, he’s okay.”

Since opening in September, the cafe’s owner and workers have taken pride in being part of the community.

The damage to The Tartan Pig’s door

The glass on the cafe’s front door was damaged but, despite the break-in, Greig defiantly managed to open his business on Friday.

Greig said at the time the staff were “really disappointed” about the loss of the tips, which had been saved up since the beginning of the month.

He said: “We might have to replace the whole door. The PVC is badly broken and it might be more than just the glass.

“We’ve been trying to get back to normal and serving the community, which is what is most important to us.”

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The CCTV footage has since been handed over to police.

Since the break-in, which took place at around 11.40pm, Police Scotland has issued an appeal for witnesses to come forward.

The inquiries are ongoing and officers have asked anyone with information to contact them on 101, quoting incident 0037 of February 8.