NHS Grampian chief denies change could force staff to move away from north-east

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A health chief has moved to reassure staff they will not be forced to work outside the north-east.

NHS Grampian’s board yesterday discussed whether to adopt a memorandum of understanding to remove red tape so staff can help in Tayside and Orkney when the need arises, such as in situations of severe staff shortages.

At the meeting, the board’s employee director, Sharon Duncan, said: “If this allows the board to move staff to these areas, you are effectively giving (managers) a blank cheque.

“There is a can of worms here. I know that my staff would lynch me if we are not clear (on the detail) of this.”

The board’s chief executive Malcolm Wright said the change was being proposed to enable NHS Grampian staff to help in other areas – but only if they wanted to.

He added: “My sense of this is that it is an enabling change and there is absolutely no intention to move staff, but if staff want to help this will make it easier.”

The board voted to defer the decision until NHS Grampian’s human resources department could provide clarity on the changes.