Bill to repair landslip in North-east could hit £1.5 million

Gardenstown New Church above the landslip.

The bill to repair a North-east landslip is expected to come in at more than £1 million, Aberdeenshire Council has said.

Efforts to end the woes of Gardenstown residents have been ongoing since December, when the local authority made the decision to close Harbour Road to pedestrians and motorists amid fears the hillside could collapse.

Locals have only been able to get from the bottom of the village to the top in their cars during controlled openings.

A long-term solution is still in the works, but tomorrow councillors will be told that one option has already been priced.

Known as “soil nailing”, drilling rods into the side of Harbour Road could prevent landslides in the future, though the council’s director of infrastructure Stephen Archer said it was impossible to give a definitive solution. In his report, Mr Archer said the operation would cost about £1.5m and cause further road closures.

“Officers are acutely aware of the disruption and distress the landslip above Harbour Road has caused, and continues to cause,” he said.