Architect’s survey reveals Aberdeen school building to be structurally sound

Victoria Road School

New images reveal how a former school building looks after lying abandoned for almost a decade.

It comes as activists claimed a survey showed the building can be saved.

But the fate of the former Victoria Road School in Torry continues to hang in the balance after councillors deferred a decision on putting it on the market at a recent meeting.

Architect David Murray, of firm David Murray Associates, who has been working with the community on developing new uses for the buildings, joined the Torry Development Trust on a visit inside the school yesterday.

Victoria Road School

He said the school buildings, which have lain empty since closing in 2008, can be saved.

Mr Murray added: “It has deteriorated internally compared to the last time I was in a number of years ago.

“But the walls are inherently sound and a lot of the timber structure; where it hasn’t been affected by fire or damp.

“They’re good, substantial granite buildings and currently both buildings can be converted to alternative uses.

“The walls can be retained and some of the internal structure can be retained but there will be substantial alteration works required for new uses, but that’s typical of a conversion project.”

Watch: Take a look inside Aberdeen’s Victoria Road School

Councillors had originally been urged to approve plans to see the buildings flattened in December, but this was put on hold after an outcry by campaigners who want more time to develop proposals.

Some of the ideas put forward by the group include using the site for affordable housing or for a heritage museum.

Victoria Road School

But a report considered by councillors stated information provided by the Trust “lacks some basic and fundamental information” with “concern over resource, capacity and vision”.

David Fryer, a member of the Trust, said: “The visit reaffirmed the buildings are structurally sound, but sadly have been allowed to deteriorate internally.

“Our ideas would be toward remodelling the inside of the buildings with a new structure that would be adaptable and flexible for the new community uses we are looking to meet, and wish to develop soon.”

Councillors are set to make a decision on whether to put the site on the open market at the next full council meeting on March 5.