Anger over overflowing dog bin at North-east beauty spot

The pile of bags of dog mess at Countesswells

A dog mess bin at a popular North-east woodland area has once again been left overflowing.

Pictures show piles of bags containing dog poo beneath an unemptied bin at Countesswells Forest.

The stinking mess has left dog walkers frustrated – and not for the first time.

Caroline Ross, 44, from Aberdeen, brought the same issue to the attention of the Evening Express in April this year.

She came across a pile of bags of dog mess by the bin while walking her boxers Megan and Abbie.

On hearing the situation had arisen again she said: “The problem is also that there’s not a lot of bins.

“You’ve got one near the start of the walk then you haven’t got one until nearly the end of the walk.

“I think there should be more bins.

“And that’s the same as all of the walks in the area.

“People are so lazy that they don’t want to hold it.

“I’ve seen bags hanging on tree branches, just plonked at the side and that’s not really nice either.

“It does not help when they don’t empty the bins. It’s really frustrating.

“It seems to be happening in quite a lot of places.”

She said dog mess was also an issue in Hazlehead with owners not bothering to clear up after their four-legged friends in the forest.

When the issue was last raised, Aberdeen City Council said the Forestry Commission owned the bin but local authority workers had been emptying it.

Neil Cooney, the city’s communities, housing and infrastructure convener, had said a new access system prevented them from doing so on that occasion.

Once a new key had been provided and was checked, collection was organised.

However, Caroline said there was still a wait for the eventual clean-up.

A spokesman for Forest Enterprise Scotland said: “The road to the woods has been closed for the past two months which has prevented the council from gaining access and emptying the bin.

“We will take steps to ensure that the bin is emptied by the end of this week.”