Adopt a pet: Can you rehome any of these animals?

Are you looking to get a new pet? Why not adopt one of these adorable pets from Mrs Murray’s Cat and Dog Home.


Shy boy Leo is looking for a very loving home.

He is two years old and has been neutered.

Leo is looking for a quiet home without children or other animals in order to be coaxed out of his shell.

Though a homebody, he will need access to the outdoors when he desires.


Lively Twiggy is ready for a new adventure.

She is 10 months old and has been neutered. Previously Twiggy has spent time with other dogs but prefers not to live with cats.

New owners will have to be alert, as Twiggy sometimes jumps over low gates and requires long or frequent walks.


Handsome boy Tank loves to play in the garden. He is nine months old and has been neutered.

New owners will need to continue training this pooch, who can be quite shy to begin with.

This Brindle Staffie cross isn’t suitable to a home with children but may get along with other dogs if given time.

If you can help contact Mrs Murray’s on 01224 483624