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Video: Aberdeen’s golden bikes to help raise awareness for childhood cancer

A project aiming to raise awareness of a disease affecting young people has brought a golden touch to the granite city once again.

The city centre has seen a number of glistening bikes and tricycles installed to draw attention to Childhood Cancer Awareness Month’s “Glow Gold for September” campaign, after a successful first year in 2017.

Milene Munro has set up gold bikes around the city centre

Organiser Milene Munro, whose son Braeden Williams died aged seven in 2014 after battling a brain tumour, came up with the idea in a bid to grab people’s attention.

She said: “We did it last year and it was a success.

“This year, we have two extra bikes and I have tweaked a few things.

“This time round the bikes were professionally spray-painted by local companies Tech Spray and Calico because last year the rain washed a fair bit of the paint off.

“We also had the names of each child who has passed properly painted on to the bikes and I attached symptoms of childhood cancer because with this disease, the earlier it is detected the better.”

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Each golden bike and scooter is appropriate for the age of the child who has died.

A total of nine are placed on Union Street, one at Union Square, one at Pittodrie and one at Aberdeen beach.

Families who have suffered a loss were put in touch with Milene by a social worker from the Clic Sargent charity.

Milene, also mum to Kimberly, 31, added: “It is a privilege for me that people allow me to pay tribute.

“Several of the parents have thanked me for it. It definitely helps with my grief but it is tied to sadness.”

Each memorial bike will also bear a poem by Pat Heyes, which Milene was inspired to share.

The project even inspired carer and fellow bereaved mum Pamela Laidlaw to install bikes around Edinburgh city centre.

The Archie Foundation has also joined in with the campaign, adding a “gold” garden outside Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital.