Aberdeen woman tells of vicious dog attack

An Aberdeen woman today spoke of her shock after a violent dog viciously attacked her in the street.

Alison Milne was walking her pet border terrier Brodie when she said a Staffordshire bull terrier cross-type dog pinned her to a tree, chased her and put her up against a wall.

Alison Milne has spoken about the incident

A good Samaritan came to the 66-year-old’s aid and grabbed the dog – but it got free and Mrs Milne was only saved when a driver stopped her car and pulled her and Brodie in.

The aftermath of the attack was caught on camera.

The grandmother suffered leg injuries where the dog scratched her in the attack and she was taken to hospital by ambulance days later due to stress brought on by the ordeal.

Now recovering at home, she today told the Evening Express: “I have never been so terrified. I don’t feel safe leaving the house now.”

Mrs Milne, of Bridge of Dee, reported the attack to police and Aberdeen City Council, which employs a dog warden. Both authorities are investigating.

“What if the dog attacks someone again or kills a dog? Something must be done,” said Mrs Milne.

Her neighbour Annette Duncan said: “This is not the first time the dog has attacked.

“The dog escapes from the owner’s house on numerous occasions and runs wild, chasing owners with their dogs. We are just all in fear of who is going to be next. Something needs to be done.”

Alison Milne was attacked by a dog while holding her own dog Brodie

The attack happened around noon on December 15.

Mrs Milne said: “I was walking Brodie and the dog pinned me up against the tree.

“A man came to help. He said: ‘It’s not my dog, I’ll try to get him off’.

“I was clutching Brodie close to me. I tried to get into the Brig o’ Dee Bar and the dog chased me and got me up against a fence.

“God knows what would have happened if the woman had not got me into her car. She saved me,” said the mum-of-two, a retired sales supervisor for Austin Reed.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “We have been made aware of an incident and are appealing for anyone with information to come forward.”

An Aberdeen City Council spokesman said: “Any incident reported to us will be investigated fully and appropriate action taken, in conjunction with Police Scotland where necessary.”