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Aberdeen taxi firm thanks fare dodger for coming forward

A north-east man who was publicly shamed by an Aberdeen taxi firm for not paying his fare has come forward and apologised.

The man took the taxi from Aberdeen to Banchory in the early hours of yesterday morning, but did a runner before paying the £45 fare.

Aberdeen Taxi’s post calling on the man to come forward and pay went viral on Facebook.

The firm have now updated their post confirming he has come forward to give a full apology and pay his fare.

They said: “The young lad who didn’t pay for his taxi journey this morning has been in past the office to give a full apology for his actions during his drunken stupor.

“We shook hands and laughed it off.

“He is a genuine young lad who maybe just made a wee error of judgement!

“We did not realise how viral this would go and just hoped someone would reach out to him to pay the fare, this has now been done.

“Well done for doing the right thing in the end and the upmost respect to you for coming in paying the fare and apologising.”