Aberdeen sees drop of 400,000 in rail passengers in a year

Aberdeen has suffered the second highest drop of rail passengers in Scotland with 400,000 fewer people travelling on trains this year.

A new report by independent regulator the Office of Road and Rail revealed more than three million travellers were recorded using the service in the city in 2016-17.

However, rail passenger numbers were down by 401,676 from the previous year.

This was in marked contrast to such cities as Inverness, which fell by only 47,060.

Transport and business groups expressed disappointment at the news.

Labour’s Lewis Macdonald said overcrowded trains running late in or out of Aberdeen or being “cancelled at the last minute” could be a factor.

He said: “If we really want to see more people travel by train rather than drive to work, those commuters need to know the train will get them to work on time.”

ScotRail responded by arguing the decline was largely due to problems in the oil and gas sector.