Aberdeen schoolchildren bag creative way to solve dog fouling problem

Aberdeen primary pupils have come up with a creative approach to combat dog fouling in their community.

Primary five pupils from Tullos Primary School have worked on a Torry Living Streets initiative.

The children designed artwork to decorate homemade dog bag dispensers.

Tullos Primary headteacher Beth Leitch said the pupils were asked what concerns they had about their community, and found that many didn’t like the amount of dog fouling.

She said: “They wanted to do something about it and we were not surprised that the pupils thought it was a concern.”

The decorated dog bag dispensers have been put up on Girdleness Road.

It is the second round of dispensers put up by the children after the first batch was removed or disappeared.

Beth said it was disappointing the dispensers were removed and isn’t certain if it was due to vandalism or another reason.

The dispensers, which are made of recycled plastic bottles, are decorated with messages and drawings, with reminders for dog owners to pick up after their pets.

The messages include: ‘No poop in Torry, please pick it up!’, and ‘if it drops, pick it up’.

Beth said seeing children acting so responsibly and asking questions about what they could do to make their community better made her feel proud of the pupils.

Councillor Alan Donnelly, who represents Torry and Ferryhill, said: “This is a great initiative with the kids working with Torry Living Streets.

“Dog mess is a nuisance and anything that can be done to educate people to pick it up is fantastic.”