Aberdeen residents reveal frustrations as council fails to progress with plan to revamp communal bin area

Councillor Jennifer Stewart at the bin store.

Residents of an Aberdeen community are frustrated that a plan to refurbish bin stores has still not been executed after more than a year.

A meeting was held last January about the state of the facilities in Hazlehead and locals now claim nothing has been done since.

The stores are used to accommodate large bins for the surrounding houses.

There were plans to extend the structures to allow space for a new recycling and household waste bin.

But locals have said the refurbishment has not happened and the new bins have been placed there despite the lack of space.

Some have raised safety concerns as the containers have sometimes been placed on slopes and rolled down.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: “I saw a bin roll down that slope and into the road, it could have hit someone.”

Another added: “They said they would refurb the wood, because they’re all falling apart, and they would make it larger so three bins would go inside.

“It shouldn’t take 13 months to do something when they said the money had been put aside.”

The area is a mixture of private and council owned properties, meaning that an agreement has to be made with the private owners before any work is carried out, which may incur a cost to them.

Another resident told how her husband took matters into his own hands.

She said: “Vandals ripped off planks of wood.

“We contacted the council about them, but they never did anything so my husband had to nail them back on.”

Councillor for Hazlehead Jennifer Stewart, who called last year’s meeting, sympathised with the frustration of residents.

“The whole situation has taken far too long, the people of Hazlehead have shown a patience that is exemplary.

“I think the council has failed to correspond clearly what is going on. I held a public meeting, I had appropriate council staff there.”

No one from Aberdeen City Council was available for comment.