Aberdeen pharmacy in parking row with car dealers

The car park at the Summerhill Shopping Centre
The car park at the Summerhill Shopping Centre

An Aberdeen pharmacy has hit out at a car dealership claiming its staff keep using its parking facilities.

Dickie’s Pharmacy on the Lang Stracht has raised concerns with the nearby Peter Vardy about staff using its customer parking spaces.

A spokesman for Peter Vardy said today they were “disappointed” to hear the pharmacy was having parking issues and they had spoken to their staff to tell them not to park there.

Bethany Potter, manager at Dickie’s Pharmacy said: “I first contacted Peter Vardy about this about 18 months ago and I was told they put out a staff e-mail asking them not to.

“It has been really frustrating for us working here as we haven’t been able to park but we are more concerned about our elderly patients.

“We have elderly and disabled customers telling us they haven’t been able to get a spot because of the parking issue.

“It means they are not able to access our store and get their important tablets and they are having to go elsewhere because they can’t get parked – which means it is affecting our business.”

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Bethany said parking was a big topic of conversation among other businesses at the shopping centre.

She added: “All the businesses got together and we paid for signs saying it was customer parking only for a maximum stay of two hours.

“What we find is staff members just park up and leave their car here and they are definitely working more than two hours.

“Whenever we have seen people, we have pointed out the signs and they have moved, saying they weren’t aware, but it still keeps happening.”

A spokesman for Peter Vardy said: “We were disappointed to hear the pharmacy had experienced issues with their parking and the problems that may have caused for them.

“We have since spoken with the managers at the pharmacy to clear everything up and have now informed our team members it is a private parking area and not to park there to help the patients.”