Aberdeen pensioners claim bins haven’t been collected for eight weeks

George McDonald and Ronald Birnie are pictured with the bins outside Bruce Cottages, Cults.
George McDonald and Ronald Birnie are pictured with the bins outside Bruce Cottages, Cults.

Aberdeen pensioners today hit out at a local authority claiming they have gone eight weeks without any bin collection services.

The claim came after the Evening Express reported a number of city collections were missed over the festive period as there are no contracted drivers over Christmas, with drivers instead working on a voluntary basis.

Residents of Bruce Cottages in Cults said their bins have not been emptied since November 3.

Ronald Birnie, 73, said: “We’ve been waiting eight weeks to get our waste taken away.

“I’ve been having to move our rubbish down to the communal bins at ASDA just to stop them overflowing even more.

“Calls have been made every week since this started.

“We’ve been here 17 years and this has never been a problem before. It just feels like the council isn’t taking our complaints seriously.”

Fellow resident George McDonald, 90, said: “It seems like they couldn’t care less. We feel very neglected.

“It’s ridiculous that people our age have to plead with the council to clear our bins – it isn’t on.”

Alice Scott, 94, who is also a resident at Bruce Cottages, said: “The bins are overflowing and it’s becoming a real problem.

“If they don’t do something soon, it’s going to get even worse and there’s a lot of concern over hygiene and birds coming along.”

Councillor Tauqeer Malik, who represents Lower Deeside, said: “We have a real shortage of drivers and we are trying to do the best that we can with this situation.

“However, eight weeks is far too long to go without any collections and I can only apologise – it’s not acceptable.”

All three residents said that up until eight weeks ago council workers had previously collected their bins from their doors – as they were too frail to drag them to the kerbside – and the local authority was aware of their needs.

An Aberdeen City Council spokeswoman said: “We have two authorised assisted uplifts in the Bruce Cottages area and unless the other householders present their bins at the kerbside they will not be collected.

“The garden/food and mixed recycling vehicles were on the street on December 29 and the general waste vehicle was on the street on December 23, and all vehicles reported as streets complete.”