Finlay doesn’t need to change the way he views the world, the world needs to change the way it views him

Findlay Law is a passionate nine-year-old boy.

He loves his cuddly toys – Gingy, Jacko and Jack – and is a big fan of Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku.

When he grows up he would like to be a builder, so he can build his mum Lyndsay Hay a mansion.

Last year Findlay was diagnosed with a condition that finally explained a series of symptoms that had mystified Lyndsay and her son’s doctors for five years – he has Tourette’s Syndrome.

You hear the words Tourette’s Syndrome and you automatically think of swearing

Lyndsay, 30, who lives in Aberdeen city centre, said: “When I first received Findlay’s diagnosis part of me felt devastated.

“Not for me – because he will always be my baby – but for him.”

Like so many other people, Lyndsay’s only knowledge of the condition was what she had seen on TV.

“You hear the words Tourette’s Syndrome and you automatically think of swearing,” she said. “In reality, only 4% of people who have Tourette’s swear.”

Lyndsay, who works as an early years practitioner at Ferryhill Primary School Nursery, first began to suspect something was wrong when Findlay was aged three.

She said: “We had noticed signs of tics and when he walked his legs would come up behind him, while his arms would raise in the air.

It was a big blow and I really had nowhere to turn

“We did seek medical help, but the doctors are not quick to label the condition until it gets vocal, which it did with Findlay two years ago. ”