Aberdeen man sent racist messages on WhatsApp after someone contacted his girlfriend

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A sheriff said she was “shocked” by racist messages an Aberdeen man sent to someone who contacted his girlfriend.

Sheriff Sukhwinder Gill made the comment as she fined Andrew Cumming £1,000, while sentencing him for sending threatening, menacing and abusive messages with a racial aggravation.

Aberdeen Sheriff Court heard from fiscal depute Karen Dow the content of the messages, which were sent over a three-week period between June 11 and July 2, included racial terms.

She said: “The messages were received from a number which showed up on WhatsApp as being the accused.”

One of the messages “implied he was going to find out where the complainer worked or lived so he could get him”.

Cumming previously pled guilty to the charge and appeared at court.

Defence agent Peter Shepherd, representing Cumming, said: “The background here is the complainer contacted his girlfriend.”

He added his client had made a full admission to the police about it.

Addressing Cumming, whose address was given in court papers as Cummings Park Drive, Aberdeen, Sheriff Gill said : “It’s not very often I’m shocked by what I hear in this court, but I’m shocked that first of all anyone, in the 21st century, in 2018, would come up with the comments you did.”