Aberdeen man jailed for high-speed car chase calls sheriff ‘a chocolate’ after being called back to court

Ricky Davidson

A brazen criminal branded a sheriff a “chocolate” from the dock as he was jailed for leading police on a high-speed car chase.

Ricky Davidson, 26, had been given a year’s prison time but Sheriff Philip Mann, realising he made a procedural error, called him back to the courtroom.

At this point an agitated Davidson began muttering and making comments towards the sheriff and branded him a “chocolate”.

Davidson failed to stop for police who saw him travelling on the wrong side of the road at around noon on July 25.

And he went on to drive off at “exceptionally” high speeds as officers gave chase.

Davidson’s manner of driving was deemed so dangerous by police that they decided to call off the pursuit for the safety of other road users and the wider public.

Fiscal depute Kelly Mitchell told Aberdeen Sheriff Court police saw Davidson’s vehicle travelling on the wrong side of the road and activated their blue lights and signalled him to stop, which he did not.

Ms Mitchell said: “The accused proceeded to travel at exceptionally high speeds.”

Davidson went on to drive past another unmarked police vehicle which was fitted with front facing CCTV which captured the car and Davidson as the driver.

Ms Mitchell added: “At 12.20pm the pursuit of the accused was stood down due to concerns for public safety.”

Davidson pleaded guilty to failing to stop as well as driving dangerously, in an erratic manner, at excessive speed and entering the opposing carriageway.

He also admitted driving without insurance and while banned, on Dulnain Road, Springfield Road, North Anderson Drive and Provost Fraser Drive, Aberdeen.

John Hardie, Davidson’s solicitor, said: “He’s a young man who’s had enormous difficulties. His early life was blighted by the falling apart of his family.”

Sheriff Mann sentenced Davidson, whose address was given in court papers as Spey Road, Aberdeen, to nine months behind bars and banned him from driving for six years.