Aberdeen man assaulted woman in Aberdeen city centre

Aberdeen Sheriff Court
Aberdeen Sheriff Court

A man has been handed unpaid work after assaulting a woman on Market Street in Aberdeen.

Aidan Allison-Horne, 32, appeared in the dock at Aberdeen Sheriff Court for sentencing after previously pleading guilty to a charge of assault to severe injury.

He spat on her, seized her by the body and threw her to the ground in the incident on March 4.

Allison-Horne, whose address was given in court papers as Gaitside Drive, Aberdeen, also admitted three bail breaches.

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Defence agent Paul Barnett said his client had lost his job as a result of the case.

Sheriff Ian Wallace called it a “very unpleasant” offence and handed him 210 hours of unpaid work within seven months.

He also imposed 12 months supervision with a requirement to undertake the COVAID programme targeted at “angry, compulsive drinkers”.