Aberdeen lifeboat assists with fishing vessel rescue

A lifeboat was called to assist a fishing vessel off the coast of Aberdeen after an engine failure.

The incident occurred last night at 11.15pm, nine miles north-east of Aberdeen

A spokesman for RNLI said: “Arriving on scene, the RNLB ‘Bon Accord’ found the 16 metre long ‘Radiant’ disabled, her main engine having failed.”

The vessel was slowly towed back to safety in Aberdeen.

Radiant was brought alongside to a berth in the city, and the lifeboat returned to its station at 4.15am.

Michael Cowlam, coxswain of the lifeboat, said: “Aberdeen’s Severn class lifeboat is ideally suited to this kind of rescue.

“Her weight and power mean she is well equipped to tow vessels of this size.”