Aberdeen Greggs worker stole £2,700 from shop safe then blew it at casino

Daniel Rubruck appeared at Aberdeen Sheriff Court.

An Aberdeen man has admitted stealing more than £2,500 from a bakery safe – then losing it all at the casino.

Daniel Rubruck, 39, stole £2,700 from a safe at Greggs, where he was employed as a trainee supervisor.

Rubruck, who pleaded guilty to stealing a quantity of money from the city centre shop when he appeared at Aberdeen Sheriff Court yesterday, went on to spend the cash.

The offence happened at the store on 55 Union Street, Aberdeen, on June 27.

Fiscal depute Stuart Wright said Rubruck was responsible for closing and opening the store and accounting for the money.

He said the shop had been locked up as normal, with the day’s takings as well as a float and additional change put in the safe, and the keys to the shop and safe given to Rubruck to open up the following day.

Mr Wright said: “The next day another member of staff attended and found the locus to be closed.

“The area manager was contacted and a maintenance team arrived to change the locks. Efforts during the day to contact the accused were unsuccessful. The bag containing the money was seen to be missing from the safe.

“This was along with the float for the tills and other notes for change were also missing from the safe.”

Mr Wright said Rubruck was “the only person who had keys to the safe” at the time.

Police were contacted and Rubruck was detained.

He added that Rubruck told police he had been drinking and had intended to go to the police himself to “get it sorted”.

The court heard Rubruck said: “I remember going to the casino and then waking up and realising what I had done.”

When asked where the money was Rubruck told police there was “none left”, adding: “I must have spent it in the casino.”

Gail Goodfellow, Rubruck’s solicitor, said her client had an alcohol problem.

She said: “He’d been drinking.

“He went to a city centre casino. There he had far too much to drink. Clearly he wasn’t thinking properly.

“On the day prior to this he was the designated key holder.

“At that time he had no thought whatsoever of committing any crime.

“He has a recollection of losing money in the casino and a vague recollection of going to the locus.

“He was too scared to return to work. He co-operated fully with the police.”

Sheriff Graham Buchanan deferred sentence on Rubruck, whose address was given as Marischal Street, Aberdeen, for six months for him to be of good behaviour and for a report to be prepared.