Aberdeen facing timebomb as 57% of carers ready to retire, says report

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Aberdeen is facing a care timebomb with most carers aged over 50 and facing retirement, according to a new report.

The city’s Health and Social Care Strategy for Carers 2018-2021 reveals that some 57% of the city’s 38,000 carers fall into the age group.

A majority also hold other jobs (56%) and provide more than 35 hours of care a week (51%).

The local survey reported that 72% said their health or mental wellbeing had suffered, 41% had to reduce their working hours or retire early and 65% reported feeling lonely and isolated.

The report will be presented to the Aberdeen Health and Social Care Partnership’s Integrated Joint Board this week. It is recommended new support groups are put in place to provide much-needed respite while discussions with employers over flexibility will also be discussed.

The report reads: “All of the commitments in this strategy are about ensuring that carers are supported to have a life alongside caring if they choose to do so.”