Aberdeen councillor vows action against speeding lorries

A Councillor has pledged to tackle the speed of lorries on an Aberdeen road.

Concerns about the Coast Road were raised at a meeting of Cove and Altens Community Council.

A councillor spoke about the issue after a resident commented about speeding lorries on the road in Cove during the meeting.

Councillor Stephen Flynn said there had been previous complaints made to him by other constituents about the standard of driving on the Coast Road. He added: “There is a long history of speeding on the road.

“Everyone knows the dangers of speeding and I encourage drivers to be more mindful of those walking and cycling nearby.

“On our future agenda, Councillor Alex Nicoll and I will be raising the issue to the council. There are three different speed limits – that might not be the wisest to have on such a short space.”

The speed limit on the road changes three times and the resident fears this could also be hazardous.

Fellow ward councillor Sarah Duncan said she hopes to work with Cllr Flynn to alert the council about the hazard.

She said: “These lorries aren’t meant to be going anywhere near Cove and people have been noticing them.

“Sometimes the lorries are going so fast people aren’t able to identify them.”

Lorries are reportedly using the Coast Road to deliver loads for the construction of a new breakwater at the nearby Bay of Nigg.

Meanwhile, residents at the meeting also highlighted the issue of scrambler bikes using the coastal path as a “race track”.

A Police Scotland spokesman said a scheme has been put in place to crack down on speeding bikes.

The spokesman said Operation Trinity was running over the summer months.

He told the community group this would be targeting the use of off-road motorcycles in the area.