Aberdeen Council Elections: The Candidates

Aberdeen City Council HQ

Name: Dell Henrickson

Party: SNP

Age: 56

Home: Pittodrie

Job: Semi-retired

Previous political experience: SNP political activist since 2014.

Key issue: To restore pride in Aberdeen again by listening to the people of Aberdeen and by working with local communities to enable them to make a difference in their local areas.

Best quality: Organised and paying attention to detail, at ease talking to people.

Worst quality: Not knowing when to let things drop.

Name: Ryan Houghton

Party: Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Age: 25

Home: George Street

Job: Regional assistant

Previous political experience: None

Key issue: Education

Best quality: Strong ability to see both sides of an argument and find solutions.

Worst quality: Short-term memory.

Name: Michael Hutchison

Party: SNP

Age: 28

Home: George Street

Job: Councillor, parliamentary assistant, army reservist

Previous political experience: Worked for Kevin Stewart and Alex Salmond. Formerly National Organiser for SNP Students and convener of Aberdeen University SNP Students.

Key issue: Housing is a big issue in this city – there is a big shortage of council and affordable housing.

Best quality: I like to work hard to represent my constituents.

Worst quality: I probably don’t take enough time for my personal life.

Name: Guy Ingerson

Party: Scottish Green Party

Age: Clinging to youth

Home: Northfield

Job: Former procurement and logistics professional

Previous political experience: Member of the Scottish Greens since 2015, Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire co-convener since January 2017.

Key issue: I will advocate making housing more affordable by building social housing, using rent control powers and creation of a public energy company.

What is your best quality: Not relevant

What is your worst quality: Not relevant

Name: Sandra Macdonald

Party: Aberdeen Labour

Age: 59

Home: Airyhall

Job: Oil and gas data analyst

Previous political experience: Former councillor 2003-07, chair of the Scottish Labour Party 2006.

Key issue: City centre regeneration.

Best quality: Good at multi-tasking.

Worst quality: I’m demanding on those I work with!

Name: Mike Scott

Party: Aberdeen Labour

Age: 64

Home: Bridge of Don

Job: Semi-retired

Previous political experience:Stood as Labour Party candidate for Aberdeen City Council in the by-election for George Street/Harbour in 2015.

Key issue: Provision of more affordable housing in Aberdeen along with more affordable warmth and better health and wellbeing.

Best quality: Enthusiasm and commitment to any task I take on.

Worst quality: Impatience and wanting things done right away.

Name: John Stephen

Party: UKIP

Age: 24

Home: Headland Court

Job: Trainee sheriff officer

Past political experience: UKIP Young Independence (YI) Aberdeen branch chairman.

Key issue: A clampdown on “ladies of the night” and other crimes in the harbour area.

Best quality: Perseverance through adversity.

Worst quality: Works too hard.

Name: Wendy Stuart

Party: SNP

Age: 57

Home: Bridge of Don

Job: Chairwoman of a disability charity, a disability advocate and a member of the Bon Accord Access Panel.

Previous political experience: Elected member of Aberdeen City Council 2007 – 2012.

Key issue: To help improve the quality of life for the vulnerable, disadvantaged and disabled people.

Best quality: A good listener, always willing to help others.

Worst quality: I like to be organised in everything I do, at work and in my personal life – unfortunately not everyone has the same understanding of being organised as I do.

Name: John Waddell

Party: Scottish Liberal Democrats

Age: 25

Home: Charles Street, Aberdeen

Job: Student and parliamentary assistant

Previous political experience: Previous council and parliamentary candidate, student activist for mental health services, parliamentary assistant in UK and Scottish Parliaments.

Key issue: Improvement of mental health services.

Best quality: Reliability and dedication. I’m very hard working and when I say I’ll do something you can trust it will be done properly.

Worst quality: I am pretty stubborn.