Aberdeen Council Elections: The Candidates

Aberdeen City Council HQ

Name: Stephen Adams

Party: UKIP

Age: 62

Home: Tillydrone

Job: Retired AU aquarium technician

Previous political experience: None.

Key issue: Keeping Scotland in the UK.

Best quality: Listening.

Worst quality: Too keen to please.

Name: Alex Arthur

Party: Scottish Green Party

Age: Not relevant

Home: Bedford Place

Job: Accountant. Before that I spent nine years in the oil industry.

Previous political experience: Member of the University and College Union and served as branch president on more than one occasion. Served on university governing bodies.

Key issue: Improving mental health, civilising political processes and looking at scientific ways of protecting the environment.

Best quality: Not relevant.

Worst quality: Not relevant.

Name: Emma Farquhar

Party: Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Age: 20

Home: Rosemount

Job: Student at the University of Aberdeen, work part-time at McDonalds.

Previous political experience: None.

Key issue: Education.

Best quality: Enthusiasm, particularly for listening and learning from constituents.

Worst quality: Taking on too many tasks and becoming too busy.

Name: Ross Grant

Party: Aberdeen Labour

Age: 28

Home: Tillydrone

Job: Councillor; regeneration and transport spokesman; senior project manager.

Previous political experience: Tillydrone community councillor (2006-12); Civic Forum Chairman (2009-2012); Aberdeen City Councillor (2012-17); regeneration and transport spokesman (2014-17).

Key issue: Community regeneration.

Best quality: Personable and approachable.

Worst quality: Impatient.

Name: Dave Macdonald

Party: National Front

Age: 49

Home: Garthdee

Job: Services assistant

Previous political experience: Candidate for the party on many occasions, elected community councillor in Garthdee.

Key issue: To stop the planned building of a mosque near the beach esplanade.

Best quality: Honesty and loyalty.

Worst quality: Getting myself upset whenever I see or hear anyone from the SNP pretending to be nationalists.

Name: Alexander McLellan

Party: SNP

Age: 23

Home: George Street

Job: Administrative assistant to Kevin Stewart MSP

Previous political experience: Former member of Scottish Youth.

Key issue: Education/housing.

Best quality: Passionate and full of energy, with a desire to represent folk to the best of my ability.

Worst quality: I’m an idealist.

Name: Ramsay Milne

Party: Aberdeen Labour

Age: 64

Home: Springfield Road

Job: Retired NHS property transactions manager and councillor

Previous political experience: Councillor from 1980-96, 1996-2007 and 2012-17.

Key issue: Planning.

Best quality: Problem-solving.

Worst quality: Too understanding.

Name: Jim Noble

Party: SNP

Age: 59

Home: King Street

Job: Councillor

Previous political experience: 10 years on the council.

Key issue: Investment in council housing

Best quality: Finance and scrutiny.

Worst quality: I am a technophobe and Luddite.

Name: Jenny Wilson

Party: Scottish Liberal Democrats

Age: 28

Home: Hammerman Avenue

Job: Graduate trainee-registry

Previous political experience: Advocated for students while at university and activist for issues such as affordable student housing and campus mental health support.

Key issue: To increase the supply of affordable homes and social housing, while making the private sector cheaper, safer and more secure.

Best quality: I am very approachable and enjoy interacting with people.

Worst quality: I am quite a messy person – I spend a good chunk of my time tidying up after myself.