Aberdeen Council Elections: The Candidates

Aberdeen City Council HQ

Name: Neil Copland

Party: SNP

Age: 62

Home: Dyce

Job: Councillor

Previous political experience: Councillor since 2015, member of various council committees.

Key issue: Continue to work for the community and ensure that local people are heard and their issues addressed.

Best quality: Conscientious.

Worst quality: Love of chocolate.

Name: Lesley Dunbar

Party: Aberdeen Labour

Age: 61

Home: Rosemount

Job: Community development worker

Previous political experience: Chair of the Unison Aberdeen city branch.

Key issue: Raising attainment in our schools.

Best quality: Hardworking.

Worst Quality: Impatience.

Name: David Henderson

Party: Independent

Age: 47

Home: Woodside

Job: Retail/ community representative

Previous political experience: Community planning with council and communities.

Key issue: Quality of life, education, affordable housing, social care.

Best quality: Strong vision and determination.

Worst Quality: Impatience with domestic chores.

Name: Freddie John

Party: Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Age: 30

Home: Rosemount

Job: Accountant/auditor

Previous political experience: None.

Key issue: Fighting for a good deal for Aberdeen.

Best quality: Determination.

Worst Quality: Stubbornness.

Name: Peter Kennedy

Party: Scottish Green Party

Age: Not relevant

Home: Linksfield

Job: Employability worker with Aberdeenshire Council

Previous political experience: Stood for election several times. Currently vice chair of social housing provider Grampian Housing Association and I am undertaking a professional housing qualification.

Key issue: Finding ways to combat fuel poverty and sustainable social housing for all.

Best quality: Not relevant.

Worst quality: Not relevant.

Name: Lewis Macleod

Party: Aberdeen Labour

Age: 22

Home: City centre

Job: Communities officer at Aberdeen University Students’ Association

Previous political experience: NUS Scotland executive committee, National Campaign against Fees and Cuts National Committee, living rent activist.

Key issue: A council-run bus service that acts in the interests of the community rather than profit.

Best quality: Level-headed.

Worst quality: I sing in public a lot, despite having an awful singing voice.

Name: Sam Petchey

Party: Scottish Liberal Democrats

Age: 46

Home: Woodside

Job: Senior planner at oil operator

Previous political experience: Former vice convener of Aberdeen Central Liberal Democrats. Active in many election campaigns over the years.

Key issue: Transparency and evidenced-based decision making at levels of government.

Best quality: Strong believer that if we can get more people in politics who put the citizens before their political party the world will be a better place.

Worst quality: Being addicted to cigarettes.

Name: Lauren Wards

Party: SNP

Age: 30

Home: Hilton

Job: Office manager

Previous political experience: SNP activist since 2015 General Election and currently constituency office manager in office of Callum McCaig, MP.

Key issue: To build more social and affordable homes, promote Aberdeen to attract key public service workers such as teachers and nurses and improve public transport links across the city.

Best quality: Approachable and excellent listener.

Worst quality: Not turning off at the end of the day.