Aberdeen Council Elections: The Candidates

Aberdeen City Council HQ

Name: Barney Crockett

Party: Aberdeen Labour

Age: 63

Home: Bucksburn

Job: Councillor

Previous political experience: Councillor for 10 years, candidate for UK and Scottish Parliament.

Key issue: Housing.

Best quality: Perseverance.

Worst quality: Impatience. I like to see things done.

Name: Coral Duthie

Party: Independent

Age: Not given

Home: Dyce

Job: Accountant

Previous political experience: None.

Key issue: To focus on local issues, creating a better community rather than vanity projects.

Best quality: Honesty.

Worst quality: Determination.

Name: Graeme Lawrence

Party: Aberdeen Labour

Age: 60

Home: Bucksburn.

Job: Councillor

Previous political experience: Five years as a councillor for the ward.

Key issue: Education.

Best quality: Passionate about helping people.

Worst quality: Bashful.

Name: Neil MacGregor

Party: SNP

Age: 64

Home: Dyce

Job: Councillor

Previous political experience: Community council, then councillor since 2011.

Key issue: Infrastructure.

Best quality: Team player.

Worst quality: Seeks compromise.

Name: Avril MacKenzie

Party: Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Age: 61

Home: Bucksburn

Job: Finance manager

Previous political experience: Party activist since mid-1980s, stood for council in 2007.

Key issue: Fairer funding deal for Aberdeen from Scottish Government.

Best quality: A good listener.

Worst quality: Can get impatient about issues.

Name: Dorothy Pearce

Party: Scottish Liberal Democrats

Age: 60

Home: Danestone

Job: Retail assistant

Previous political experience: Councillor from 1992-1996.

Key issue: Public transport.

Best quality: Helping people.

Worst quality: Not keeping in contact with people who I would like to spend more time with.

Name: Gill Samarai

Party: SNP

Age: 45

Home: Bridge of Don

Job: Councillor for ward since 2012

Previous political experience: SNP spokeswoman for social care and wellbeing and group convener.

Key issue: Greater accountability on decision making and local social and health issues.

Best quality: Determination when helping others.

Worst quality: Ask my husband!