Aberdeen Council Elections: The Candidates

Aberdeen City Council HQ

Name: Yvonne Allan

Party: Aberdeen Labour

Age: 70

Home: Torry

Job: Full-time councillor.

Previous political experience: 30 years as a councillor and convener of finance, environment, quality and appeals.

Key issue: Not given.

Best quality: Listening to and working with people.

Worst quality: Not very patient.

Name: Christian Allard

Party: SNP

Age: 53

Home: Aberdeen

Job: Volunteer at Community Food Initiatives North East (CFINE)

Previous political experience: Member of the Scottish Parliament for the North East 2013-16

Key issue: Establishing a long-term vision for the future of Torry and Ferryhill at Council.

Best quality: Tenacity

Worst quality: I should find more time for my grandchildren.

Name: Alan Donnelly

Party: Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Age: Not given.

Home: Ferryhill

Job: Retired marine engineer now a councillor.

Political experience: Elected to Aberdeen City District Council in 1992. Three times Westminster parliamentary Candidate. Vice-convener of finance committee.

Key issues: Maintaining city centre secondary education, regeneration of Union Terrace Gardens and Union Street and attracting families and tourists to Duthie Park.

Best quality: Listening to people’s concerns and delivering results.

Worst quality: Keeping up with modern IT facilities.

Name: David Fryer

Party: Independent

Age: 64

Home: Torry

Job: Caretaker for Ferryhill Parish Church.

Previous political experience: Active community campaigner in Aberdeen over the last 20 years, currently secretary of Torry Community Council.

Key issue: Saving and restoring granite heritage, pursuing enforcement action against air and water quality polluters, creating local sustainable jobs, creating a much needed new and mature dialogue between the government, the council and communities.

Best quality: Persistence

Worst quality: Never giving up!

Name: Catriona Mackenzie

Party: SNP

Age: 28

Home: City centre

Job: Press Officer

Previous political experience: Casework and press officer in parliamentary office.

Key issue: Community engagement. Various challenges facing the ward including safe transport to Lochside Academy, having enough teachers, housing and changes to buildings in the community.

Best quality: I’m able to problem-solve and see an issue from someone else’s perspective.

Worst quality: An annoying habit of running late, even if I set alarms earlier I still end up a good five to 10 minutes late, so I schedule things earlier than they actually are so I turn up on time.

Name: Gregor McAbery

Party: Scottish Liberal Democrats

Age: 44

Home: City centre

Job: Voluntary worker sitting on various environmental and community boards groups locally and nationally.

Previous political experience: Party campaigner and staff member for ex-North-east MSP Nora Radcliffe.

Key issue: Planning and city environment, you can’t separate these.

Best quality: I enjoy helping people.

Worst quality: I’m not very patient filling in forms.

Name: William Allan McIntosh

Party: UKIP

Age: 67

Home: Ferryhill.

Job: Retired district heating maintenance manager.

Previous political experience: Former Labour councillor.

Key issue: Need for homecare to be available for the elderly when required.

Best quality: Listening and working for the good of Aberdeen’s residents.

Worst quality: Patience, I like things done sooner rather than later.

Name: Renee Slater

Party: Scottish Green Party

Age: Auld

Home: Torry

Job: Former youth worker and adult education worker and currently working part-time with people with learning difficulties.

Previous political experience: I am a member of Torry Community Council, have been involved in local activism for decades and I am an active trade unionist.

Key issue: I believe both Torry and Ferryhill have been short changed on local environment issues regarding the Bay of Nigg development and the proposed incinerator near Tullos Primary

School. I will advocate more community payback from such large scale building project.

Best quality: Not relevant.

Worst quality: Not relevant.

Name: Piotr Teodorowski

Party: Aberdeen Labour

Age: 25

Home: Ferryhill

Job: Health link worker

Previous political experience: Aberdeen City Youth Council, Scottish Youth Parliament.

Key issue: Equality

Best quality: Good listener.

Worst quality: Still practising my Doric accent.

Name: Billy Watson

Party: National Front

Age: 47

Home: Woolmanhill

Job: Unemployed

Previous political experience: I have stood as a candidate for the National Front on several occasions over the last 10 years.

Key issue: I believe we should put our own people first with housing.

Best quality: Loyalty

Worst quality: Thinking some people will change their ways when it’s obvious they can’t.