Aberdeen Council Elections: The Candidates

Aberdeen City Council HQ

Name: Philip Bell

Party: Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Age: 59

Home: Cults

Job: Control and safety systems consultant, oil industry.

Previous political experience: Highly experienced armchair politician!

Key issue: Efficient use of council taxes.

Best quality: Use all available information to make decisions.

Worst quality: I don’t suffer fools!

Name: Marie Boulton

Party: Independent

Age: 50

Home: Culter

Job: Councillor/deputy Leader of ACC

Previous political experience: 10 years as a councillor, deputy leader for last five years, licensing board and committee convener, lead for culture and events.

Key issue: Some of the main challenges Aberdeen faces currently is the need to diversify its economy and to retain the community of highly skilled professionals with specialisms that have been developed in offshore technologies.

Best quality: Ability to make an objective decision having considered all of the facts and emotions involved in order to deliver.

Worst quality: I don’t give up easily.

Name: Robbie Bowman

Party: The Scottish Libertarian Party

Age: 22

Home: Cults

Job: Sales assistant/ski technician

Previous political experience: Well, the philosophy at the back bone of the libertarian ideology is to be morally sound. I’ve been a nice guy for 22 years thus making my Experience Level: 10… This is for a pack of Top Trumps yeah?

Key issue: To maximise personal and civil liberties, whilst restricting the role of the overbearing state.

Best quality: I’m just a normal young man, no politician here! So I lack the irritating ability to lie or totally avoid answering questions.

Worst quality: I’m a great advocate of hats; ‘hat hair’ can be a regular problem.

Name: Mohammad Tauqeer Malik

Party: Aberdeen Labour

Age: 46

Home: Peterculter

Job: Councillor

Previous political experience: Working for Labour party for 20 years, councillor for last 5 years.

Key issue: Economic stability for Aberdeen.

Best quality: Good cricketer.

Worst quality: Very poor golfer.

Name: Pamela McBain

Party: SNP

Age: 44

Home: Peterculter

Job: Charity shop manager

Previous political experience: Campaigning since 2014 for SNP candidates.

Key issue: Use public funds wisely, improve local facilities.

Best quality: Listening and communicating with people.

Worst quality: Impatience

Name: Ken McLeod

Party: Scottish Liberal Democrats

Age: 68

Home: Maryville Park

Job: Retired head of Aberdeen City Council’s music service

Previous political experience: Fought two by-elections in Aberdeen and stood as the Central Aberdeen candidate in the Scottish Parliamentary election. Worked tirelessly for the “Better Together” campaign in 2014.

Key issue: The state of Lower Deeside’s roads.

Best quality: Attention to detail in all things.

Worst quality: Impatience

Name: Nir Oren

Party: Scottish Green Party

Age: Not relevant

Home: Peterculter

Job: Academic in the department of computing science at the University of Aberdeen.

Previous political experience: Joined the Scottish Greens in 2014.

Key issue: Pedestrian bridge over the AWPR for walkers, cyclists and horseriders on the Deeside Way and encouraging the development of similar paths across the city to reduce car dependency and air pollution.

Best quality: Not relevant

Worst quality: Not relevant

Name: Kenneth Pratt

Party: Independent

Age: Not known

Home: Peterculter

Job: Not known

Past political experience: Not known

Key issue: Not known

Best quality: Not known

Worst quality: Not known