Aberdeen coastguard hires 22 new rescuers

Aberdeen coastguard has enlisted the help of 22 new volunteers after a successful recruitment drive.

Following more than 100 declarations of interest, the field was whittled down and interviews were carried out last week.

The coastguard is hoping that the 22 are trained and ready to go by the summer, covering the North-east’s coast.

Hector Sutherland, the senior coastal operations officer for the coastguard in Aberdeen, said: “We’re very pleased with the outcome. There was a lot of interest on social media. It was a very successful campaign.”

The main thing that the team was looking for was availability.

“It’s a big commitment for them to carry a pager,” Hector added.

“We’re very grateful to their employers who let them get away from their work, especially during the day.”

All recruits start off in training for the first six months of their tenure, and a further six months of probation.

“They get water operations, safety and rescue and search training, those are the main things, but the training is comprehensive,” Hector said, adding that it would be a big boost to an already efficient service.

“It’ll be a big help, it’s a big responsibility that the teams take on, and that’s made a lot easier when there’s more people,” he added.