Aberdeen chosen for new Monopoly because of city’s ‘exceptional family values’

Aberdeen was chosen to feature in a new official Monopoly game because of its “exceptional family values”.

Monopoly promoter Graham Barnes confirmed why the Granite City came out on top and revealed where some city landmarks could feature.

New version of Aberdeen Monopoly will honour everything great about north-east

He said: “Aberdeen won for various reasons. One, it’s got big family values. We found it had really exceptional family values and it’s a family game.

“Marischal College looks like it could be winning the vote to be on one of the leading spaces on the board.

“Union Street could appear on the much talked about Old Kent Road, perhaps. In between Mayfair and Old Kent Road, which are the top two locations, people have said the football club should be there.”

People can vote for streets, locations and board pieces by emailing aberdeen@6starpr.co.uk with voting closing at the end of the day on April 20.