Aberdeen champagne bar told to remove sign after appeal rejected

Eclectic Fizz on Union Street.

A champagne bar in Aberdeen city centre is set to take down its sign – after an appeal to Scottish ministers to keep it was rejected.

Eclectic Fizz, on Union Street, was asked to remove the sign by Aberdeen City Council as it concealed a fan light – which has been covered up since 1986.

The bar does not have planning permission for the sign and was asked to take it down after the appeal to the Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA) was rejected last May.

Finlay McIntosh, general manager of Eclectic Fizz, said the business had originally believed planning permission could be granted retrospectively.

He said: “The fan light has not been visible since the 1980s when interior structural work was done to the building.

“The current signage we have is both in keeping with the design of our venue and the type of impression Aberdeen City Council should want to create on Union Street.

“We’ve been encouraged to apply for a grant to improve the look of Union Street, which is to be spent on a roof that is not visible to anyone standing on Union Street anyway. We’re going to remove the sign, but it’s going to look pretty shabby.

“Although there was no planning permission at the beginning of the process, we had been made to believe by the architect that retrospective planning permission would be granted.A planning application was made retrospectively.”

The council is currently running a five-year £2.4million Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme on Union Street along with Historic Scotland.

The project includes improving the front of buildings.

A spokesman for Aberdeen City Council said: “The Enforcement Notice was served due to the owner’s failure to remove an unauthorised sign attached to the frontage of a listed building located within the Union Street conservation area.

“The sign is considered to adversely affect the character of the listed building and visual amenity impact of the conservation area.

“Despite repeated requests to remove the sign and submit proposals for alterative signage for the premises, no such proposals have been submitted to the planning authority and the unauthorised sign remains on site.”