25 tonne screw installed in Aberdeen hydro project

The screw is 5m wide and weighs 25 tonnes.
The screw is 5m wide and weighs 25 tonnes.

The largest screw of its kind to ever been installed in the UK has been installed in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Community Energy (ACE) welcomed equipment worth around £340,000 which will form part of the Donside Hydro, including a 25 tonne Archimedean screw turbine.

The project will power around 130 homes and create a sustainable income for the Tillydrone community by selling clean, renewable electricity to the national grid.

ACE founding director Sinclair Laing said: “We’ve passed a number of exciting milestones, as the project has developed, but seeing the kit arrive for installation today has really brought it all to life.

“To say that the community is excited to see the technology in front of us – rather than in plans – would be an understatement.

The turbine, manufactured in the Netherlands, began its journey on Friday and arrived with police escort to the site at around 10pm on Sunday.

At just under five metres wide, it’s the largest diameter screw ever to be installed in the UK.