A Class Act: North-east schoolboy to run 10K to raise money to help African school

Bruce, Bobby and Carron
Bruce, Bobby and Carron

A north-east schoolboy is appealing for donations of clothes and old computers as he prepares for a volunteering and fundraising trip to Uganda.

Bobby Boardman, 14, of Ellon, is travelling to the African country with his parents and will take on a 10km run in a bid to raise cash for the Ugandan Marathon Foundation.

The money Bobby raises will go to support the Jomain Midland Academy to help build a dormitory house and a fresh-water well.

Bobby will also be volunteering with the school and is looking to gather donations of clothing and computing equipment.

Carron Wymer, 47, Bobby’s mum, said: “He’s getting a broad range of experiences while doing something amazing to help people.

“He’s really excited about helping the children get an education.

“While he’s there he will be able to help in the school and get to grips with what life is like there.

The money raised helps to build a dormitory and classrooms.

“I’m really proud of him and that he’s wanting to do something to help.

“He’s a really caring boy and the fact he’s excited to help people does make us really proud.”

Sportswear is needed

Bobby, who lives with his mum Carron and stepdad Bruce Wymer, 51, and attends Ellon Academy, said: “I have mixed feelings, nervous but excited; nervous because of the challenge of running 10km.

“I am finding the training quite tough but I am trying my best, as I want to succeed, and excited to meet new people and hopefully have an impact on their lives.

“I feel good about the fundraising and happy at the response and amount people who have donated.”

The race will take place on June 1 and Bobby has set a fundraising goal of £5,249.34, derived from the number of pennies it would take to cover the distance if they were laid out in a line.

And he’s already almost three quarters of the way to his target, having raised £3,936.01.

Various fundraising events have been organised, including a race night with an auction and raffle last month.

To donate money visit bit.ly/2Z1iT9o

To donate clothing or equipment call 07572 653610 or 07738 240667 or email carronboardman@btinternet.com or brucewymer@aol.com