Limmy ready to greet travellers and begin quest as he returns to Aberdeen

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One of the most popular Scottish comedians, Brian Limond aka Limmy – the mastermind behind BBC comedy Limmy’s Show – is back on the road.

Arriving in Aberdeen at the Lemon Tree next Wednesday for two nights, his new UK and Ireland book tour Limmy: That’s Your Lot will incorporate story-telling, chit chat, photo opportunities and book signings.

Limmy said: ”It’s similar to my last book tour. For about five minutes I’ll introduce everything, then I’ll go on to read and talk about three different stories.

“There’s going to be a question and answer session and book signing.”

His latest work, the hot-off-the-press, newly launched book will delight fans.

He said: “The book took me about eight months. But the way I write – I’m not like Stephen King and can sit down and write – I was always aiming for 2,000 words a day. I like to sometimes just spend time coming up with different ideas, rather than forcing myself to sit down and write.

“All the stories are fiction and although the show is similar to my last book tour, there’s different stories, some a little longer and maybe a wee bit more serious than before.

“The stories I read in the show are definitely the funnier, dafter ones.”

A favourite story from his new book, Biscuits, showcases the way Limmy creates engaging content around simple things.

He said: “It follows this guy who secretly tops up his pal’s biscuit tin without telling him to see if he will notice. I got the idea from my container of tea bags and how it’s always kept topped up by my girlfriend.

“I started wondering how it was always topped up and I started to think, what would happen if it wasn’t her? Imagine it was someone else. It’s wee thoughts like that which I then try take to the extreme.

“I take inspiration from everyday life, from the smallest of things. It’s just fun things that pop into my head and I decide to do something with it. Or even things from the past or something I see.”

Incorporating a question and answer section, Limmy enjoys getting to know his audience and spends time with them discussing numerous topics.

He said: “I did a question and answer section for 25 minutes on the last book tour so it will probably be the same this time round. “Once the first question comes everyone else just follows. There’s always a feeling that there’s never enough time – everyone always tries to get questions in at the last minute.

“The questions aren’t always about the book, they can be about Limmy’s Show, my vines, my YouTube stuff or some people ask why I’ve un-friended them on Playstation, it’s hilarious. I like when everyone just asks whatever they like. We have a big laugh and it always seems to be everyone’s favourite bit.”

This is his second book and Limmy likes the freedom it offers.

He said: “The best thing about writing a book is that, other than your editor maybe pointing out things that maybe don’t make sense, you have free rein to do what you like. There’s rules for script-writing for an aired show like Limmy’s Show on BBC, but with a book anything goes and you can say what you want.

“When writing for TV you’ve got to consider budget. With books, it’s filmed and screened in the reader’s head.”

Returning to Aberdeen for the second time, Limmy will be spending a little more time in the city. He said: “It’s great to be going back to The Lemon Tree again, I’m really looking forward to it.

“Last time I didn’t have much time in Aberdeen but I’m hoping to spend some time in the city. I remember going to Jamie’s Italian and telling the audience at my last show about it – the food was bad and the audience didn’t seem surprised so we had a great laugh about that. I’m looking forward to creating moments like that again.”

Limmy will be at the Lemon Tree for two sold-out shows on May 10 and 11.