Goulash: Adelphi, Aberdeen

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Expecting the exotic from my first Hungarian dining experience, I was surprised to find a feeling of familiarity wash over me as I chowed down on chunks of meaty goulash.

It brought back childhood memories of sitting next to a warming Aga, supping on beef stew – albeit with added spice.

I made the error of ordering both goulash soup (£4.45) and traditional beef stew goulash (£10.95), obviously pretty similar, but both spot-on.

The main went perfectly with its rewardingly-doughy, traditional homemade pasta.

Both dishes were nicely spiced and left the taste buds tingling.

Our other main was Carpathian Borzaska (£10.95) – chicken fillets in a coating with a garlic and sour cream dressing, grated cheese and chips.

Fast food, but very tasty! On the side, we ordered pancakes of ‘Hortobagyi’ art (£4.45), smothered in cream of paprika.

Not the big hit I was expecting, being a tad stodgy.