Review: Jewel in the Crown offered a range of different specialities

The winter chill saw us seeking a warm up and we dug out the menu for this old favourite in Crown Street to spice up our evening’s eat.

On the Indian menu, balti is always a favourite and this time we decided to go for Balti Gosht – the lamb version – which was a delight. Lovely chunks of meat, so tender they could be cut with the side of a fork, were encased in a rich, spice infused sauce with tasty greens through it, which had just the right level of warming kick.

For the other half of our shared supper we requested butter chicken and, though it wasn’t on the menu, the chef was happy to provide the mild, creamy, lightly spiced dish, which was well filled with tender pieces of chicken.

Along with perfectly cooked mushroom pilau rice, a plain nan and the welcome addition of complimentary papadoms and chutney, it was perfect fuel for a winter’s night.