Review: Yan, Westhill

As we pulled up outside the restaurant it was clear a whole lot of other people had ordered at the same time as we did.

However, once we got home I immediately tucked into the delicious starters we had decided on, the Thai chicken satay skewers (£5.95) and Koong Ka Jok See (£5.95).

My four skewers were tasty, but lacked in the flavoursome sauce.

The four deep fried noodle wrapped prawns proved difficult to eat without making a complete mess, but the rich Thai salad cream totally worked.

Unlike the satay sauce, there was plenty of it.

Eyes bigger than our bellies, we opted for two mains, including my absolute favourite sweet and sour chicken (£8.95) and Kung Pao chicken (£8.95).

My sweet and sour dish which was divine, boasting huge chunks of moist chicken, and thick, crunchy vegetables drowned in a healthy helping of sauce.

My boyfriend had Kung Pao chicken which boasted an array of different vegetables and sweet, spicy sauce. The egg fried rice (£3.50) was light and fluffy, but lacked in egg.