Review: Taste of China, Newtonhill

Double bonus is dodging a shopping trip to town, then having your dinner brought home to you.

So bonus points to Mrs B … and double them again for choosing a place with fine food to feed the both of us, plus the teen princess we live with.

My dish du jour was Thai chicken green curry (£5.20), my go-to choice when I want something fiery and fine.

It was both of those, with tender chicken breast and fresh crunchy veg in a light coconut broth.

It avoided the gloopy mouthfeel of some and delivered a fine chili kick, but not enough to be scorchio.

It went perfectly with the fluffy fried rice (£2.60).

Mrs B’s beef in oyster sauce (£5.20) was an eye-opener.

The beef was melt-in-the-mouth tender and the sauce had a real depth of flavour.

A good take on a classic dish.

Meanwhile, the princess was enthusiastic about the quality of her staple, chicken fried rice (£5.20).

Worth a visit.