Review: The Bay Fish and Chips, Stonehaven

When visiting Stonehaven there’s nothing I enjoy more than making a trip to the popular The Bay Fish and Chips for dinner.

Rocking up on Saturday night, we patiently waited in the queue to place our order.

After scanning the menu, I immediately knew what I was after.

Standard haddock supper (£7.30) for me, and a double cheeseburger supper topped with fried onions (£7) for my partner.

Not forgetting the side of delicious crispy onion rings (£2.50) and the beautiful zesty homemade tartare sauce (60p) and some other sauces.

To drink we ordered a refreshing can of lemon San Pellegrino (£1.70) and a bottle of Irn Bru (£1.60).

Retreating to the car we dived into our food.

Perfectly cooked, the fish melted in my mouth and the chips were heavenly – crispy on the outside and fluffy inside.

The burger was big and tender, and both meals were very filling.